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Grow & Gather

Grow & Gather

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You don't need a flower field in the countryside to grow cut flowers, arrange beautiful floral displays or connect with nature. A simple patch of earth is plenty. In Grow and Gather , you'll follow the annual cycle of growing cut flowers, from sowing in spring to seed-collecting in autumn. Simple projects show you how to plant and nurture various flowers, as well as demonstrating the importance of texture, colour and shape when arranging them. Together with these practical projects, tips and hints, flower field gardener and clinical psychologist Grace Alexander guides you in the art of meaningful, engaged and intentional gardening - through mindful growing, you can transform your wellbeing and find a greater connection to your garden and yourself.

Grace Alexander , of Grace Alexander Flowers, grew up gardening. Incapable of doing anything just for the fun of it, she accidentally became the owner of a quarter of an acre and set up her own floristry business. Juggling a full-time job as a trained consultant clinical psychologist and working on big, bold weddings got a bit too much, so she took an entrepreneurial sidestep, switching to selling elegantly packaged seeds in hand-made and hand-printed envelopes. Grace won the Florist Scholarship in 2017 and this is her first book.


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