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Linen Napkin (set of 4) in Paprika

Linen Napkin (set of 4) in Paprika

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100% stonewashed French linen napkins are perfect to create beautiful dining moments at home. 

All Natural.

The Flax used in all of Carlotta & Gee products are cultivated in France, 100% naturally without any pesticides or chemicals, in ways that are highly water-conserving. They use only high quality, natural fibres & fabrics which are the most environmentally friendly. Linen has multiple benefits that will garantee the best night sleep.

Responsibly Made.

Their values prioritise full supply chain traceability, from the Flax growing fields in France right up to our finished product delivered to your doorstep. All factories they work with hold specific certifications that ensure workers are treated and paid a living wage, as well as adhering to a strict set of environmental & social best practises.


They say no to single use plastic or other materials, and pack all our items in 100% French linen carry bags that can be re-used. Any other material we use is 100% recycled packaging. from the Flax growing fields.


Carlotta & Gee have made an active choice to design with quality and health in mind, so no formaldehyde is used to set our environmental dyes, meaning less toxins for your body. However, this does mean the dye isn’t as firmly set as other brands, so we recommend drying your linen in the shade after washing to ensure the colour doesn’t fade.

OEKO TEX Certified Linen

Carlotta & Gee are proud to have this certification which ensures all their fabric is free of any harmful or toxic substances, with a stamp of approval on every shipment of Flax.

Global Organic Textile Standard

They have the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. In addition to confirming the fabric’s organic nature, it affirms that stringent social criteria including working conditions, health, and safety standards are being met along our supply chain.

European Flax® Certified Linen

This certification ensures the flax growers and traders follow environmental best practice, and it guarantees a high level of traceability and accountability through each stage of production including:

No irrigation, no GMO & zero waste.

Mechanical scutching (ensuring zero chemicals are used in this process).

Fibre production in compliance with International Labour Organisation rules. 

  • Made from 100% European French flax
  • Extra soft touch and natural wrinkled look
  • Simple hem
  • OEKO-TEX® & GOTS certified

Sizing: C + G napkins come in a set of 4.
50 x 50cm

Crafted from 100% pure French linen and pre-washed for softness.


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