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Spring | Recycled Wool Scottish Tartan Blanket

Spring | Recycled Wool Scottish Tartan Blanket

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Soft yet durable, you can use these beautiful blankets to snuggle up during winter or have a classy, comfortable picnic in the wild Australian nature during the warmer months.

Also, their elegant pattern design makes them a great addition to your homestead, adding subtle luxury and style.

  • Warm, soft, and snuggly; the perfect combination!
  • They’re not fuzzy so they won’t shed
  • Durable, you can have classy picnics on them or use them for festivals and outdoor events
  • 69” x 62” | 175cm x 157cm
  • Ethically woven in India from 75% recycled wool and 25% mixed fibres.

The only downside is that these practical blankets are almost never in stock (people love them!), so if you want to get your hands on one of them, hurry!

Made by The Grampians Goods Co.

Basically, ‘recycled wool’ means that once upon a time your recycled wool tartan travel rug might’ve been an old wool jumper or a pair of wool socks!

Old garments, blankets, and offcuts from the mill are gathered, sorted into complementary colour groups and then put through a process where they are shredded, spun and amalgamated into new yarn and from there, woven into new recycled products.

Recycled wool is a sustainable and eco-friendly solution but the diverse components can mean variations in colour shade and tones from time to time, however they are all beautiful.

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